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Nassim Haramein – The Nature of Reality Tour – Chamonix

About the Event

Imagine a world where our energy needs are met sustainably and humanity thrives in harmony with the fundamental wheel works of nature. A future where we have unlocked the secrets of the quantum realms, enabling us to harness energy from the zero-point energy field, control gravity and have access to almost infinite amount of resources. This bright vision is what lies ahead as we embark to an extraordinary journey with Nassim Haramein and the International Space Federation’s team.

Join us for an extraordinary event featuring the renowned physicist Nassim Haramein. Get ready to dive into a captivating evening of thought-provoking discussions and groundbreaking insights. Grab your seat now.

Nature of Reality Conference

Start the day by joining an exclusive 4-hour conference at the EMC2 in Chamonix where Nassim will share insights from his ground-breaking publication entitled “The Origin of Mass and Nature of Gravity”. This manuscript clearly demonstrates the source of mass and gravity emerging from quantum vacuum fluctuations. It clarifies and unifies many fields of physics, from Max Planck’s discovery of quantum mechanics and zero point energy and to theory of general relativity, giving us the roadmap to a whole new level of technology that can elevate our world.

Exclusive Cocktail Dinner and Talk Stories

Prepare to delve deeper into the mountains as we make our way to Les Granges d’en Haut in Les Houches. Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail, walking dinner and be inspired as Nassim Haramein shares his unique perspectives on shaping the future and mysteries of the universe during talk stories. This exclusive talk in a smaller group setting promises to leave you with a fresh outlook on the world and its possibilities.

Luxury overstay and Brunch with Nassim

Extend your evening with an overstay and brunch at the luxury 5-starred hotel overlooking the enchanted French Alps. Only a limited number of tickets available.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the most influential thinkers of our time.

Useful information:


The event will be in English


Half day ticket: Conference room EMC2, Pl. du Mont-Blanc, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Full day or overnight ticket: Transfer will be arranged from the conference room EMC2 to the Les Granges d’en Haut in Les Houches.

How to get there

By car:

Drive to Chamonix and park at:

Parking du Mont-Blanc

Avenue du Mont Blanc, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Parking du Centre Ville (Grépon)

200 chemin à Batioret, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

By train:

Get a train to Chamonix Mont-Blanc town center and walk to the conference room (7 mins).

Get a train to Geneva Cornavin train station and book a private transfer with Mountain Drop-Offs to Chamonix Mont-Blanc town center.

Get a flight to Geneva Cointrin airport and book a transfer with Mountain. Drop-Offs to Chamonix Mont-Blanc town center.

You can get transfers from Geneva with Mountain Drop-Offs.3/3

Book on their website HERE with the discount code ISFCHX. The code gives discounts on shared transfers for flights arriving before 17h30 and departures. After 10h, also for private transfers in core hours. Please note that you might have to pay a supplement for a private transfer if your flight arrives or departs outside of core hours detailed here above.

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Date and time
Saturday, April 20. 2024
Sunday, April 21. 2024
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
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