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Sunday, August 25. 2024
Nevada , USA

Nassim Haramein at Burning Man 2024

Will you be joining Burning Man 2024 this year? Don’t miss Nassim Haramein and the International Space Federation’s team presence and delve into the groundbreaking scientific concepts while immersed in the unique, creative environment of Burning Man. Nassim Haramein will be giving several presentations and key note speeches all over the playa about his latest […]


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LIVE ISF Perpetual Bond Q&A

Join us this Tuesday 6 February at 18h CET for the LIVE ISF Perpetual Bond Q&A in French.  In this interactive LIVE Q&A we will be covering how the bond was conceived, its purpose, overall mission and direct benefits for bond holders. Whether you’re considering investing or simply want to learn more about our initiatives, […]
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LIVE: Whats going on at ISF? With Nassim Haramein and Sarah Amne

Join the excitement at the International Space Federation’s upcoming event “What’s going on at ISF” featuring Nassim Haramein and Sarah Amne, going LIVE this Thursday the 7th of March at 7pm CET! Join us here. Sarah and Nassim will be delving into the latest insights at ISF, business update and sharing opportunities on how to […]
Youtube @intlspacefed, Digital Event
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International Day of Conscience – United Nations

Nassim Haramein is excited to have the opportunity to be speaking at the United Nations at the International Day of Conscience. He will be presenting a keynote speech in the section “Conscience and physics, a new paradigm, to take care of oneself, others and the planet” where he will be discussing the recent developments of […]
Geneva, Switzerland
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International Day of Conscience – Caux Palace

Welcome to the International Day of Conscience held at the Caux Palace in Montreux, one of the most beautiful venues in Switzerland! Save the date: 6th of April Location: Caux Palace Montreux, Rue du Panorama 2, 1824 Montreux, Switzerland. This is a free event with limited seats. Grab your ticket. This event is all about coming together becoming more […]
Montreaux, Switzerland
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Nassim Haramein – The Nature of Reality Tour – Chamonix

Imagine a world where our energy needs are met sustainably and humanity thrives in harmony with the fundamental wheel works of nature. A future where we have unlocked the secrets of the quantum realms, enabling us to harness energy from the zero-point energy field, control gravity and have access to almost infinite amount of resources. […]
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
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Ancient Greece with Nassim Haramein

Are you ready to journey where history meets the future, exploring both the secrets of humanity and the universe itself? A once-in-a-lifetime Journey into Unified Physics  Join us for a journey into the heart of ancient Greece, let by Nassim Haramein, a trailblazer into the world of unified physics. As we explore the architectural marvels […]
Athens, Delos, Mykonos, Greece
Digital Events

LIVE Technical Q&A 26 June 19h CET – The Origin of Mass and Nature of Gravity

Join Nassim Haramein, Dr. Cyprien Guermonprez, and Dr. Olivier Alirol LIVE on Wednesday, 26 June at 19H CET on the International Space Federation’s YouTube channel. They will delve into the groundbreaking publication with over 50k+ downloads: “The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity” during this interactive live session. Don’t miss this unique opportunity […]
The International Space Federation , Youtube Channel
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Shaping the Future Together – LIVE with Nassim Haramein and Sarah Amne 

Join us for a transformative event featuring Nassim Haramein and Sarah Amne, streaming live next week on Tuesday, July 9th, at 19:00 CET on the International Space Federation’s YouTube channel. This engaging session will delve into the latest insights at ISF, business updates, upcoming events and explore opportunities for involvement followed by an interactive Q&A. […]
Youtube @intlspacefed, Digital Event